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Grants - please note our cut off for grant applications is 3pm 28/03/2024

PLEASE NOTE: Our MEGA Fuel Vouchers are available for clients located in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire.  If you have a client who would benefit from our MEGA vouchers please apply via our Grant Application.  Clients can receive up to 3 x £49 Vouchers.  Please note: we currently are unable to award Pay Point vouchers at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: We have an application form for agencies only to apply for Bankruptcy fees and Energy Efficient Measures on behalf of their clients who reside in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire areas which can be downloaded HERE.

We have new funding for awarding Fuel Top-ups to gas and electricity pre-payment meters through our MEGA Fund.  However, we now have restrictions to the areas that we can cover which are now Glasgow and South Lanarkshire.

Money Matters Money Advice Centre has secured funding from The British Gas Energy Trust, to allow us to provide a vital service to vulnerable and struggling clients who reside in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire. This "More Electricity & Gas Assistance" (MEGA) fund is to be used for the provision of those in fuel poverty and facing an energy emergency.

MEGA Fund - More Electricity & Gas Assistance fund is available to customers with pre-payment meters. Our Emergency Utility Credit Vouchers (maximum of 3 vouchers allowed per individual or couple/family) for all fuel company customers with pre-payment meters (each voucher value will be a maximum of £49.

Applicants’ personal data will not be used for any marketing purposes. We undertake to preserve the confidentiality of all information you provide to Money Matters Money Advice Centre.

Click here to complete the MEGA Fund Application Form 

Please note: this application is for referring agent only and individuals are unable to apply direct