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Surgeries (and Outreach)


Surgery Times & Locations


As well as running our own surgeries, we also have contracts with several Housing Associations. Any clients attending these surgeries must be a tenant of the said Housing Association.


Outreach Surgeries

For a full list of surgeries and opening hours, click the links below…

Latest News

Job Opportunities

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goodmovesNEWS Money Matters present several job opportunities going into the New Year...


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natural gas flame 300x300 Due to exceptionally high demand, the MEGA Fund is temporary suspended for applications pending funding...

New MEGA Fund available

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natural gas flame 300x300 We have new and additional funding for awarding Fuel Top-ups to gas and electricity pre-payment meters through our MEGA Fund.

COVID-19 Announcement

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COVID 19announcement Please share this very important message. Thank you.