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Mental Health Talks

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Mental Health

‘Mental health problems are everyone’s problem. As a society we must face up to that fact.’
- the governments words on the crisis going on at the moment in mental health

At Money Matters we continue to support and inform those of us in society who face these issues every day. Craig Doyle of Money Matters will be discussing Welfare Reform and the impact of mental health reform in plain English and easy to understand examples.

Anyone from Glasgow Association for Mental Health Citywide Carers and the South Mental Health Project Carers Group can attend these talks.

13 June 2017

South Mental Health Project

The carers project for South Social Work for SCW Florence St Resource Centre

26 July 2017

GAMH Carers Citywide Group

The carers project for GAMH mental health talk on Welfare Reform.

Glasgow Association for Mental Health
St Andrews by the Green
33 Turnbull Street
G1 5PR