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Scottish Gas clients with Pre-Paid Meters

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For Scottish Gas clients with Pre-Paid Meters!

From January 2020, customers of Scottish Gas (British Gas) will no longer be able to top up at PayPoint. Payzone locations will now provide this service. You should still be able to top up at the Post Office.

Your Questions Answered:

I am Scottish Gas customer. What does this mean for me?

Scottish Gas prepayment customers should still be able to use their existing key or card. However, your top up locations may change. If you have not topped-up your meters recently, you must do so before 31 December 2019 to ensure that your key or card is updated with the Payzone details.

I use a Scottish Gas (British Gas) prepayment key or card to top up, but they are not my supplier. Will I be affected?

This change will also affect customers of other energy suppliers who use Scottish Gas (British Gas) prepayment devices. These devices will not work after 31 December 2019. Your supplier should be issuing you with a new prepayment key or card. If you have not received one, please contact your current supplier to obtain a new device.

Where are the new top-up locations?

Our Money Matters Advisor can help you find your nearest top-up location. Please just ask.

You can also find your nearest Payzone online:

You can find your nearest Post Office here:

My nearest Payzone is difficult for me to get to. What should I do?

Scottish Gas is looking to add more Payzone outlets in areas without sufficient coverage, but some people may still not be able to access the new top-up locations. If you are affected by this, Scottish Gas may be able offer an alternative solution, such as installing a credit or smart meter. You might also wish to consider changing your supplier.

If you are running out of credit or are already off supply, Scottish Gas might be able to provide you with discretionary credit. You may also be able to access emergency fuel credits or apply for Money Matters Emergency Local Fund or qualify for a Crisis Grant from the Scottish Welfare Fund.

If you are still in doubt over how these change will affect you or if you are running out of credit or are already off supply please contact a member of our Energy Team on 0141 445 5221