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Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy 


We will display the following statement in the centre: 


Money Matters, Money Advice Centre, aims to provide service of a standard acceptable to all our clients.  If we fail to do this, we want to know about it.  This will enable us not only to deal with the specific problem, but also avoid it happening again. 


This complaints procedure sets out how to take up matters if you think the service you have received from Money Matters, Money Advice Centre is unsatisfactory. 


Ask the receptionist for a leaflet or if you would rather talk to someone about the complaints procedure, please ask the receptionist. 




This policy sets out the procedures Money Matters, Money Advice Centre will follow when we receive a complaint from clients of the service, an organisation or member of the public.  It does not address complaints made by staff or volunteers (dealt with through grievance and disciplinary procedures) nor job applicants (recruitment procedure). 


This procedure is meant to provide a means to resolve a dispute between Money Matters, Money Advice Centre and any complainant.  It requires staff and management committee members at every stage to resolve the complaint.  Complaints are likely to be in one or more of the following areas: 


  • Dissatisfaction with our service, such as inadequate work, problems with casework, unacceptable delay or failure to deliver a service etc. 
  • Disputes between client and Money Matters, Money Advice Centre regarding policy, procedures or activities. 
  • Discourtesy or unhelpfulness on the part of staff. 


The Procedure 


When someone wishes to register a complaint, the following procedure should be adopted.  Where the complaint is against the Manager, the same procedure will be followed, but a more Senior Officer or member from the Board of Trustees will substitute. 


Money Matters Money Advice Centre is committed to providing the highest quality of customer care for our users. 
If you feel we have failed in the items listed above, or any aspect of our service to you, you have the right to complain. 
Complaints can be made by either writing or emailing ( marking your complaint to the Business SUpport Manager Claire Pringle. 
If writing, please indicate the nature of the complaint, where, when and all relevant details. 
Our Response 
You will receive written confirmation that we will deal with your request within 5 working days. 
The Office Manager shall endeavor to investigate and report her findings and any action taken to you within a further 5 working days. 
If the matter merits a more detailed investigation, or for some other reason we cannot process the complaint within 5 working days, then you shall be given written notice and an indication of the timeframe for resolving the issues. 
Not Happy with the Outcome? 
If you are unhappy with the outcome of the Business Development Manager’s investigation of your complaint, you can appeal. 
You can register your complaint by telephone, letter, email or fax and should mark it for the attention of the “Chief Executive Officer”. 
The Chief Executive Officer or appropriate Senior Officer should investigate your complaint again and provide you with a written record of his/her findings. 
This process will take no longer than 4 weeks, although in most cases it should be completed sooner. 
If you have any comments to make on any Money Matters Money Advice Centre services, please do not hesitate to telephone us on 0141 445 5221 or email us at: