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Wheatley Group – My Great Start

Wheatley Group – My Great Start

Money Matters has 2 full time 'My Great Start Advisors' to provide a financial capability support service to Wheatley Homes East, GHA Cube Housing and Loretto Housing Association tenants. The Advisors support new tenants with:


Budgeting and Money

•         Providing clients with Personal Budgeting Support which includes understanding the concepts of budgets and creating a budget

•         Understand how to control money allocated & understand how to prioritise expenditure

•         Demonstrate Financial Responsibility and commitment to rent as a priority payment

•         Identify costs of running your home



•         Support clients to develop a positive payment culture which includes sign up to effective payment mechanisms like Direct Debit, WG banking product etc

•         Understand the different methods of bill payment

•         Demonstrating an awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of bill payments



•         Have an awareness of the benefits available and move to Universal Credit (UC)

•         Support take up of benefits if in high need

•         Understanding of UC system and process for Alternative Payment Arrangements (APA's)

•         Advice on what you can do if affected by Welfare Reform especially UC

•         Know what services can support tenants (signpost to internal services and third-party specialist services as appropriate)




•         Understanding rent as a priority debt and concept of debt and understand how to prioritise debts

•         Help handle debt problems

•         Explain why you should prioritise a particular debt

•         Demonstrating an understanding of the consequences of non-payment

•         Practice the process involved in dealing with creditors

•         Demonstrating a knowledge of language of debt


Energy Awareness

•         Help register tenant with energy supplier, explain tariffs, meters and budgeting for fuel

•         Cost of running household appliances and payment methods for fuel

•         Services available from fuel suppliers and consumer bodies

•         Grants and financial help available for energy efficiency improvement


Employability: moving from welfare to work

•         Receive calculations of in-work entitlements

•         Assist with Financial Preparation

•         Provide positive solutions to potential financial barriers

•         Understanding employability needs

•         Signpost where necessary to employability services (internal and external)

•         Understanding your Tax and NI deductions and items on a payslip



•         Understanding banks and their functions

•         Support take up of My Housing

•         Wheatley https://www. myhousing. org. uk/budget-planner

•         Match needs to services and identify banks appropriate for specific needs

•         Understanding a bank correspondence ie: statement etc



•         Understanding insurance (home, life etc - share benefits of our own home insurance scheme). Raise awareness of home insurance scheme.

•         What to do if you have been mis-sold payment protection insurance



•         Understanding concept of Credit and its uses

•         Demonstrating current awareness of the different types of credit available (high/low cost). Raise awareness of sub-prime pay day lending practices.

•         Practicing working out the interest payable on particular loans

•         Understanding how the interest is worked out on loans

•         Practicing credit scoring a particular loan application

•         Demonstrating understanding of interest rates




•         Identifying why people save and create their own list of savings aims

•         Differentiate between short, medium and long term aims

•         Demonstrating current awareness of savings facilities

•         Understanding the savings options available

•         Understanding savings accounts and credit union support


If you wish a telephone appointment with one of our advisers and you are a tenant of GHA Cube Housing, Loretto Housing or Wheatley Homes East, please contact your Housing Officer who can make a referral to us.