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As well as running our own surgeries, we also have contracts with several Housing Associations. Any clients attending these surgeries must be a tenant of the said Housing Association.


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Are your clients FAB or FAT?

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Money Matters Money Advice Centre in Glasgow welcomes applications for our FAB and FAT Fund underwritten by British Gas Energy Trust that is available until 31st March 2020, so please act NOW.

The FAB and FAT Fund responds to the needs of people within our communities, so they can live their lives free from the worries of being in debt and can avert an emergency crisis when heating their homes this winter.

Based across thirty two local authorities in Scotland, we support people who wish to apply for a MAP or full administration bankruptcy or where they need financial assistance to top up their pre-payment meters and have a health need and low income. 

We cannot accept applications direct from individuals so if you need help please ask any advice agency, housing officer, foodbank, health professional to fill in a form on your behalf (available under ‘Grant Applications’ tab on our website) and email us.

FAB Fund -  “Free Access to Bankruptcy” and covers Bankruptcy fees (£90 or £200) to help individuals to become debt free again. The money advisor just needs to complete our one-page application that is available HERE.

FAT Fund - “Free Access to (fuel) Top-ups” and is available to customers with the pre-payment meters (£28 for an individual or £49 for a family). Any local community worker, housing officer, health professional or any other agency worker can complete our one-page application and the customer will be sent an energy code (with instructions) that can be used immediately.

In addition to our Bankruptcy and Fuel Vouchers, we can also offer Energy efficiency items (e.g. bulbs or other small energy aids for people with specific needs including locking cooker valves and where required emergency heating sources).  Please ensure you clearly specify on the application what you are requesting.

This is a time-limited campaign to assist individuals and families who could benefit from this support and it ends on 31st March 2020 so please do not hesitate to apply.  If you know of any events in your area that we can attend to promote this Fund, please do not hesitate to get in touch and feel free to forward the opportunity to other agencies with clients who could benefit.

The clock is ticking, so be on time to make good use of this FAB and FAT opportunity that provides immediate free support. 

Do not hesitate – contact us now to help change someone’s life!