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As well as running our own surgeries, we also have contracts with several Housing Associations. Any clients attending these surgeries must be a tenant of the said Housing Association.


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Benefit Changes

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Benefit changes

ESA - from 3 April 2017

Big change with new ESA claims. Claimants placed in work related activity group will receive the same amount as jobseekers allowance. 25 and over - £73.10. Under 25 - £57.90.

People in the support group of ESA are unaffected, and this should not mean a reduction if your claim was decided as work related prior to 3 April 2017.

Mortgage interest

From the 1 June 2016, the waiting period for support for mortgage interest increased to the pre-recession length of 39 weeks. This is awaiting further change in April 2018 when the payment will be paid as a loan repayable upon the sale of your house or returning to work.

Universal Credit

Changes are happening all the time with this particular benefit but the main changes coming to the fore surround conditionality (what you have to do to meet you benefit claim conditions).

Lone parents/main carers will have to prepare for work when child is two and seek work when the child turns three.

This benefit has already seen major changes in the short time it has been in existence including removing the work allowance and no higher first child element. So, expect constant changes, is the word.

Universal Credit has restrictions for 18-21 year olds claiming Universal Credit housing element - after the 1 April 2017 seek advice if you are in the demographic.

Universal credit is in line with ESA in the sense that the work-related element is removed for those with limited capability for work.

Those with limited capability for work and work-related activity will still receive a extra element (as per the ESA support group).